With a deep passion to make any space you walk into or want to spend time in, enjoyable - I have always had a desire to create something safe and warm.
With a distinct touch of parts of wherever it is geographically where the space lays.


Taking the creative and Art aspect of design forward,
I studied history of design, and took courses on interior staging throughout my early twenties.
while also feeling guided intuitively what fits in an area, makes it warm, a pop of colour, a vintage adornment, and a simple meaningful touch.

though I have had many projects, my most recent are the following ; 


my first store front, in an old church.a mix of charmed history while capturing the modern feel of feminity in a simplistic boutique.

Outlier Mercantile

Photos coming soon

" The Modern Homestead"

I was approached to help with the staging + design, to create an atmosphere of the perfect mix of cozy, stories and adventure.
Extremely proud to be apart of this project and showcasing the beauty, and desire of destination attractions.
This style is one of many, and I’m excited to expand my creativity and desire to add the simplest touches that make a house, a home.

 the “ Modern Homestead” Airbnb will be looking to accept bookings this upcoming season.

PHASE 1 : 
“ The Modern Homestead” destination cabin of Peace River, AB.
Peace River has some of the most world renown hunting, fishing, farming, wildlife natural parks. Situated on the Peace + Smoky River.
The calling of many folks who go there for work, visiting loved ones, on the way to the Alaska Highway, or to get a feeling of True North.

Which speaks for itself, but only if you’ve experience the small towns inhabiting the Northern parts of our Country.
Maybe because it gets a bit colder, the communities tend to be warmer.
- - - 
Some fun facts on the history + area :

• 1818, the HBC opens the first Fort St. Mary's at the forks of the Peace and the Smoky, it lasted for only one season[11]

• The Northern Alberta Railway (NAR) station was built in 1916 by the Central Canada Railway. It served as a major hub of activity from 1916 to 1956 for passengers.

• 1926-1931: The population continues to grow as the Great Depression took hold of Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta

• 5 minutes north of Peace River on Highway 743 to 2.5 hours north (Paddle Prairie) on Highway 35 Stretching north along the Peace River from just north of the Town through miles of prairies and boreal forest, the County of Northern Lights has a vast selection of offerings for travellers. 

• Wildlife in the Peace River region is very diverse and varied. Big game common in the area include moose, white-tailed deer, mule deer and elk, and attracts hunters from far and wide. There are dozens of outfitting companies in the area

• There is a wide variety of fishing opportunities in the region from the Peace River itself and its tributaries to the numerous lakes in the area.
- - - - 

Welcome to all, wanting to get a taste of the North or for any of the reasons above. Is the option to stay at this Airbnb during any season of the year.