Wooly Yak

The word “compromise” does not exist in the vocabulary of a Yak.
They know how they feel and have no reason to question it.
​Love is complicated for the Yak. Their difficulty in accepting others points of view can make long-term relationships difficult. Yaks are not rude or dismissive, but they know what they believe and will violate all social rules just to prove that they are right. In time, most members of this sign learn to suppress this trait in social situations, but they still have a hard time making long-term commitments until they have accepted that their way is not the only way or have managed to find a partner that will let them be the boss. Yaks often have admirers, but they are terrible at flirting. Striking up a casual conversation is not the most comfortable task for a Yak, though in time most figure out how to relax enough to be socially graceful. Age and experience do wonders for this side of a Yak’s personality.


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Wooly Yak

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